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To create a new project, we begin by selecting the source images.

1. The default method to add source images is From File. You need to add some existing image files then. You can also choose From Face Library to quickly add a face stored in Face Library. Learn more at Step 4 - Face Library. If you have a webcam, you can choose From Webcam to capture some fresh photos as the source images. Learn more at "How to Capture from Webcam".

2. Click the Add File(s) button (), the standard open window will appear. Choose a single image file or hold down Ctrl or Shift to choose multiple files.

3. The source images appear in the File List Box () and their thumbnails display in the Image List Panel () on the bottom of the tab. Click a file in the File List Box or an icon in the Image List Panel (), you can see the image on the Image Preview Panel (). You can also select multiple files in the File List Box by holding down Ctrl or Shift.

4. There are 4 buttons you can operate for the selected file(s). Click the Delete File(s) button () to delete the selected file(s) from the source images. Click the Rename File button () to rename the selected file. Click the Move Up () or Move Down button () to move the selected file(s) up or down in the file list.

5. There are 3 buttons to adjust the source images. Click the Rotate Counterclockwise () or Rotate Clockwise button () to rotate the select image counterclockwise or clockwise. Click the Image Effects button to adjust brightness, contrast or color balance of the selected image. Learn more about "How to Add Filters".


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