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The most important element in producing face composite is to locate facial features of all the faces you want to mix up in the source images. A portrait photo contains one face, but a group photo may contains multiple faces. So, we first need to extract add the needed face portions from source images. Using our intelligent face detection technique, FaceMixer can automatically extract all the face portions from an image.

1. When you choose the Edit tool (), click on an icon in the Image List Panel, the selected image will display in the Editing Panel and a standard face template will be placed on the face portion automatically detected. Click the Edit Previous button () or Edit Next button () to load the previous or next image.

2. If the program can't automatically extract a face portion you need, you can add it manually. To add a face, just drag and drop to draw a rectangle marquee on the desired face portion in the image. If the program extracts an useless face portion, you can delete it manually. To delete a face, just right-click anywhere inside the useless face portion.

3. In order to get the best mixing effect, you can move, scale and rotate the face template to align it to the face in the image. Learn more about "How to Align a Face".

4. In the editing process, you can click the Undo button () to reverse the last action, or Redo button () to reverse the action of Undo.

5. To edit the face template accurately, choose the Zoom In tool () or Zoom Out tool () and click anywhere of the selected image, the viewport can be smoothly scaled from 12.5% to 800%. When the Editing Panel can't hold the image wholly, a horizontal or a vertical scroll bar will appear.  You can choose the Hand tool () to drag the viewport by mouse or use the scroll bars to show a needed part of the image.

6. If there are more than one face in an image, choose the Edit tool (), click anywhere inside a face boundary to activate it for editing.


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