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If you have a webcam or any video capture device connected to your computer, you can easily and quickly capture some headshots as the source images.

Activate Webcam

First, choose the From Webcam to activate the webcam and the live video will display on the Preview Panel. You can set the video source or video format by clicking the Set Options button ().

Capture a Frame

When the current frame looks okay, click the Capture button () or directly press the Spacebar or Enter key to capture it as a BMP file. The captured files will be stored in the directory, by default, C:\Program Files\Abrosoft\FantaFace\Mixer\Capture. You can set the directory also by clicking the Set Options button ().

Back to Capture Mode

After you capture a frame, the program will display the result image file immediately on the Preview Panel. If you want to capture more frames, just click the Capture button () again to back to the capture mode.

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