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There are 3 ways to import source images into FaceMixer.

Add Files Button

As described in Step 2, the simplest way is to click Add Files button, then choose one or more image files from the Import Source Images window as shown below.

Drag from Built-in Image Viewer

When choosing from many source files, finding a particular source image may be difficult. In this case, press the F9 key or choose the Tools/Image Viewer menu, and the image viewer will appear. Adjust its window size and position as suited for viewing. Use this simple, fast tool with thumbnail previews to explorer all supported image resources on your disks. Click on the desired file and drag it to the source file area in the main interface. Note, now you can drag only one file at a time from the image viewer.

Drag from External Program

You can drag multiple image files to the main interface from an external program such as Windows Explorer or ACDSee.

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