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If you are familiar with morphing technique, you may know its kernel is: morph = deform the shape & cross-dissolve the feature. In earlier versions, both the deformation and cross-dissolve were performed linearly. Now with the new controls Feature Curve and Shape Curve, you can freely control the morph process of feature and shape. Choose the Sequence/Feature Curve menu to open the Feature Curve window, or Sequence/Shape Curve menu to open the Shape Curve window.

Edit Curve

The curve is specified by a sequence of control points and smoothly passes through each point in the sequence. There are at least two control points on a curve. The red cross on the curve marks the position of each frame.

Curve Library


You can launch Feature Curve as well as Shape Curve window at the same time.

You can edit the curve while the morph movie is playing in real time, which means you will immediately see the effects on your final morph.

In FantaMorph Deluxe, you can also use this window to set different curves for camera pan/zoom/rotate.


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