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The main interface of FaceMixer is clean, simple, and yet easy to understand and quite comfortable to use.

Main Interface

Navigation Pane - Shows six tabs, each of which represents the 6 basic steps in the editing process

Navigation Buttons - Two buttons for navigating back and forth between these steps

Work Pane - Shows different controls for each step

Save Project Buttons - Two buttons for saving the current project once finished

Option Button - Launch the Options pane to view/set the options for each step

Help Button - Open the context-sensitive help document

FaceMixer is skinnable software. There are 3 built-in skins, you can also import additional skin files at any time. If you like, you can even create your own interface.

Select Built-in Skin

1. Choose Tools/Choose Skin. A dialog box opens.

2. Select one from the Vista, MAC and Gray options.

3. Then, click OK. The interface immediately displays your chosen skin.

Import Skin File

1. Choose Tools/Import Skin File. A dialog box will open.

2. Select a skin file (*.fxs) from your disks.

3. Again, click OK. The interface immediately switches to this skin.


You can download more skin files from our web site. Go now!

If you want to create your own skins and win a free product, see more info on our site. Try it!


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