Win a free copy of our powerful software, FaceMixer Pro or even Deluxe, in any of the 5 ways below:


As you see, our web site now only supports English. We hope you can help us translate the web contents into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. If you can translate part or all of the contents of our web site into one of the languages mentioned, or into any others, please email us. We will let you know how we can cooperate with you. Try now!


FaceMixer supports skinnable user interface. You can even create your own skins! If your skin is beautiful, cool or funny, please submit it to us for sharing with other FaceMixer's users. If your skin is chosen, you'll win a free copy of FaceMixer Pro. Try now!

Source Project

If you create an amazing face composite using FaceMixer, please submit it to us for the gallery. If your production is chosen, you'll win a free copy of FaceMixer Pro. Try now!


If you like FaceMixer, and write an article introducing FaceMixer to other people, please e-mail us. If the article is on the Internet, include its URL address. If the article appears in a traditional medium such as newspaper or magazine, it should be scanned to a JPG file. Articles may be in any language, and published in any media. Try now!


Let us know what you think of FaceMixer. Is it easy to use? Does it function as it should? Can you recommend specific features which should be added? Have you found new uses for FaceMixer? Submit your opinion about FaceMixer (sensing of using, advice to functions, etc.). We'll provide free copies of FaceMixer Pro to users selected from those submitting useful ideas and opinions. Try now!

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