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Now the improved rendering engine works better for 32-bit morphing. See more about "How to Use 32-bit with Alpha images".

Also, any mesh tangling can be obviously found than ever before, this will help you place key dots accurately. For example, there is an annoying "overlap" (an area where the two images don't come together smoothly and have a white line that separates the two) within the morph below and should be removed. Note, beginning with version 3.5.2, you should choose the View/Overlap menu to highlight the overlap area if exists, by default, the program won't highlight the overlap area for better image quality.

If you are using FantaMorph Pro, choose the View/Triangles menu, this will help you find out the reason.

On the preview window, we saw a few (red) lines cross the (blue) line. This is just that we called "mesh tangling". For creating a right morph, never let a line across the others. Note: the red and blue lines are for illustration purposes only and won't be colored in FantaMorph.

Now we move the wrong (red) dot on the image of the leopard down to the right position.

Now all the triangles are continuous, you can't find any line broken by the others.

Of course, we finally got the correct morph as below.

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