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We have just used the Add Dot tool; the other tools are also useful for advanced editing.

Edit Dots

There are 3 edit tools () on the toolbar.


You can delete a dot under the cursor at any time by simply right-clicking without having to choose the Delete Dot tool.

Edit Lines

Beginning version 4.0, you can use lines to group and organize the key dots. Just choose the Dot Mode () to add dots or Line Mode () to add lines.


Adding lines will not affect the final morphing effects, but it makes the key dots grouped and organized clearly.

Edit Options

There are 2 options for dot adding.


You can combine the two options to get your own favorite dot adding mode. For example, if Auto Add Corresponding Dot is off but Auto Jump to Corresponding Dot is on, you will get the fastest dot adding mode.

View Tools

There are 3 view tools () on the toolbar.


You can use these tools not only on the source images, but also on the preview.

You can adjust viewport at any time by mouse wheel scrolling without having to choose these view tools, and the viewport can be smoothly scaled up to 1600% by mouse wheel scrolling.

View Options

There are 2 options for simultaneous viewport adjusting.


In most cases, it is recommended to make both the options checked. In this way all windows can be located at the same position automatically.


The Magnifier () magnifies the area under and around the mouse cursor when you are working within the source or target image. This enable you to have good precision on delicate operation such as adjustment without having to zoom in and out continuously. You can also drag the Magnifying Power Slider to change the magnifying power from 1x to 4x.

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