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Beginning with version 4.0, a new export window has been implemented. It's easier to export and manage the morph results. As described in Lesson 8, click the Export Movie button on the Movie Toolbar or choose File/Export Movie menu, the Movie Export Window below will appear.

Current Settings

In the Current Settings frame (), you can choose export all the sequences or only the current sequence, select one of the 7 export formats (Image Sequence, AVI Movie, Animated GIF, Flash Movie, Web Page, Screen Saver and Standalone EXE) offered in the format list, you can also find the info about movie length, speed, and duration. You can click the Format button () to learn more about the export format.


Now you can click the Export button () to start export. When export, you can click the Cancel button to cancel the export process, and no resulting files will be created. You can click the Export button more than once to export the same morph as different format or using different settings.

Export Information

In the Export Information frame (), you can see the percentage on the progress bar during the export process, once done, further information about the elapsed time and resulting files will be displayed.

Manage Results

There is a group of buttons () to mange the resulting files.


Click the Show/Hide Options button () to show/hide the export settings and options. By default, you see a simple and clean export interface as the option items are hidden.

Format Settings

You can set some parameters for the current format. Each format has its own parameters.

Export Settings

Export Options


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