Version 3.0

Improved Feature Extraction Technique - The improved face feature extraction technique can place key dots on face more accurately. With a few manual adjustments, a perfect locating result can be achieved quickly.

Improved Rendering Engine - The improved rendering engine can mix unlimited faces more quickly.

Customized Face Model - Now you can customize the face model. For better quality, use a face model with more key dots; for less processing time, use a face model with fewer key dots.

Add Caption - Now you can add text caption the composite without using any additional software.

Add Filter - Now you can add more filters (Gaussian blur, zoom blur, radial blur, emboss, mosaic, oil paint, splash, cylinder, whirl/pinch, etc.) to source images or the final composite.

32-bit Preview - Now you can preview a 32-bit composite more clearly because the preview background is now a checkerboard background instead of the pure black background.

New Export window - Now you can tick any item from Source, Composite and Candidates to export.

Export FMD File - Now you can export x, y coordinates of key dots on source images and composite to a .fmd data file if your own program needs this data.

Export FME File - Now you can export source images and composite with key dots to .fme files and then import .fme files into FantaMorph to create a morph.

Use Spacebar and ALT key - Now you can use the Spacebar to switch from any edit tool to the Hand tool, just like in PhotoShop; also, you can press the ALT key when zooming to switch between zooming in and out.

Version 2.0

New Intelligent Face Detection Technique - Using the intelligent face detection technique the program can extract one or even multiple face portions from an image automatically.

New Intelligent Facial Feature Extraction Technique - Using the intelligent facial feature extraction technique the program can extract facial features from each face in the image automatically.

New Rendering Engine - A brand new rendering engine has been implemented. It takes advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, which makes possible to mix up multiple faces in real time.

New Face Library - You can store an edited face with key dots in a directory of Face Library, and then simply drop it to a new project for mixing.

New Face Extractor - With this tool you can easily re-crop all faces by an extracting template after you change the composite size.

New User Interface - The new interface with skin is cool in looks, streamlined in function, and a joy to work with!  There are 3 great built-in skins, and supports importing skin files at any time. If you like, you can even create your own skins.

New Windows Style - The new window style, a skinned window with four round corners and no menu bar, has been implemented. You can easily switch to standard window style.

Export HTML File - When you choose "Source +Composite" format for export, a HTML page will be generated to show the details of the mixing project.

Auto Open After Export Switch - Turn on this switch in the option box and the resulting file will be automatically opened after export completes.

New Add-on Effects with Background, Mask, Foreground and Light - Now you can make your face composites with these dazzling effects in less than one minute!

Now Supports 32-bit Images - Now you can import and export BMP, TIFF, PNG and TGA format 32-bit with alpha images to create professional effects.

No limited Undo/Redo - Now you can use standard undo/redo function with no limit on the number of steps.

Version 1.0

This is the first release.

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