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At the final step, you can see what will look like if mix up all the faces, adjust the feature/shape percentage for each face to get unlimited fantastic composites, set the final image size, add some effects and then export your favorite results.

1. In the Mixing Panel (), you can view/adjust the the percentage of feature and shape for each face. The face composite displays in the Preview Panel (). By default, we get the average face of the source faces as below. You can also click the Random button to generate various composite. At any time, click the Average button to back to the average face.

2. For each face, you can manually adjust the percentage of feature and shape separately by directly typing a new value from 0 to 100 or dragging the slider. There is a Value Lock () in front of each percentage value. Click the icon to lock/unlock it (). You can only adjust the unlocked values, as for the locked one, any change on the value is forbidden. There is also a Shape Lock in front of Shape text. When Shape Lock is locked, all the shape percentage values are locked and will be always equal to corresponding feature percentages.

3. Click the Effect button () you can add some stunning visual effects (Background, Mask, Foreground, Light, etc.)  to decorate the face composite. Learn more about "How to Use Add-on Effects". Click the Filter button () you can add some image filters (blur, sharpen, gray, emboss, oil paint, etc.)  to the composite. Learn more about "How to Add Filters". Click the Caption button () you can add text caption on the composite. Learn more about "How to Add Caption".

4. As a default, the image dimension of the composite is the same size as the dimension of the first face. You can easily choose any fixed value offered in the popup menu ().

    Or you may set it to any desired value through Set Custom Size. In the subsequent window as shown below, enter any desired Custom Size value of the composite. You can turn on the Constrain Proportions switch, in this way when you input a new value as the width (height), the other dimension will be calculated automatically to keep the same proportion.

5. After you change the composite size, you can click the Face Extractor button () to re-crop all the faces to keep the aspect ratio, otherwise the composite will be distorted. Learn more about "How to Use Face Extractor".

6. After you get an interesting face composite, click the Add to Candidates button () to place it onto the Candidates Panel (). You can then click an icon in the Candidate Panel to restore it. Click the Remove from Candidates button () to remove a candidate or click the Clear Candidates button () to clear all the candidates.

7. You may enjoy real-time face mixing in FaceMixer, but in most cases, you will want to export the mixing results. Learn more about "How to Export".


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