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In FaceMixer, you can use 112 dots max to define a face, see below. More dots you use, better mixing quality will be, but at the same time you have to spend more time to adjust each dot when needed.

Beginning with version 3.0, you can customize the face model by using all or just a part of the 112 standard dots. For example, you may don't need to use the dots of ears and forehead, or you may simplify the structure of eyebrows, eyes, mouth, etc.

1. To customize the face model, click the Face Model button on the Edit Dots Options panel and the window below will appear.

2. You can simply choose a face model from the Preset list (), and the face model will be showed in the Edit Area ().

3. You can edit dots and lines of the face model. Note, only the dots will be concerned with the mixing process, but the lines will help you recognize the face structure.

4. Whenever you want to restore to the whole 112 dots model, just click the Reset button ().

5. You can save your own face model to a .fmo file and load it later by clicking the Load/Save button (). Note, the program will automatically load the face model you have set when it restarts.

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