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You can adjust the size and relative position of the images used for effects to easily create various effects.

1. Click the Set Location button on the Effect window, and the window below will open.

2. You can zoom the working area () by using mouse wheel scrolling or clicking the Zoom In or Zoom Out button (), and you can drag and drop to pan the working area.

3. The rectangle region () in the center of the working area is the sequence/movie location. Drag any of the 8 handles () to resize, or drag the effect to a new position to move.

4. The actual effect location () will be displayed on the right top of the window. You can input any desired value of Left, Top, Width, and Height directly.

5. Click the Reset button () to clear the current settings and back to the original status.


Any change of the effect location will affect the preview on the main interface in real time.

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