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Navigation pane

The Navigation Pane, which is the top pane in the application window displays the navigation sequence of FaceMixer as below.

Editing Process

The Navigation Pane shows six tabs, each of which represents the 6 basic steps in the editing process, as well as two buttons for navigating back and forth between these steps. Click the respective icons to proceed to the desired step. Click Back button to go to the previous step or Next button to go to the next step in the editing process. It is recommended to operate the program step by step from Step 1 to Step 6. However, you can jump to any step at any time.

Step 1 - Choose Task

First, choose a task you want to do.

Step 2 - Load Image

For example, we have a series of photos as shown below, now we load all of them on the Load Image tab.

Source Images

Step 3 - Edit Face

Using our intelligent face detection technique, now the program detects the face portions from source images automatically. You can also edit the face portions manually on the Edit Face tab.


Step 4 - Edit Dot

Using our intelligent facial feature extraction technique, now the program extracts facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) from the faces automatically and place key dots on appropriate positions. You can also edit the key dots manually on the Edit Dot tab.

Key Dots

Step 5 - Face Library

If you want to reuse a face in other projects, you can store it to the Face Library now. Or you can directly append a stored face to this project without any new editing work.

Step 6 - Face Mixing

The final step and the most exciting step!

We now can get the average face of the source faces.


The Average Face Created by Face Mixer

You can also create countless face composites by using random percentage of the source faces or manually adjusting the feature/shape percentage.

 A Random Face Created by Face Mixer  A Random Face Created by Face Mixer  A Random Face Created by Face Mixer  A Random Face Created by Face Mixer  A Random Face Created by Face Mixer


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